Philosophy Multimedia Project-Based Art

Studies have shown that children under ten are not developmentally ready for academic art. Children most successfully learn the fundamentals of art through rich, exciting, challenging art projects.

With multimedia projects, initially, young children don't even realize they are studying art. They simply think they are making things and having fun. Through the four to six weeeks that we work on a project, I teach children about the fundamentals of art, including: composition, design, negative space and color theory. The children are introduced to a multitude of materials through explorations in painting, clay work, printmaking, metal-working and wood-working. The young artists always draw as part of any project.

It is vital for young artists to explore art from different cultures. Children learn about our diverse world and broaden their own artistic perspectives through multicultural art projects.

Most schools require students to synthesize information through projects in class. My project-based program will prepare any child to excel in a project-based school curriculum.