Please note:
I have officially retired!
I would like to thank all the wonderful students and parents who I have had the honor to work with over the years.
You have brought me great happiness, and I wish you all well.

Below are some of the comments that my students, parents and visitors wrote in the guest book.

"Art classes are so fun! I loved every lesson"
E.B. student grade 5

"Emily is such a talented teacher and I love having art lessons with her"
S.B. student grade 3

"Thank you so much for a year of fun".
A.M. grade 5

"I am overwhelmed by the variety, the standard of the work and the enjoyment that the children obviously get out of [the art work]. Well done!!"
Delphine Kohler (teacher visiting the show)

"Thank you for all your patience, ingenuity to motivate [the students] for awesome, creative work.

We all really love working with you!"
Keiko Meyer (parent)